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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is also known as Optometric Vision Therapy or VT.

It is a planned process of exposing a patient to increasing complexity of visual experiences to develop, improve or enhance visual performance.  It includes in-office visits to teach each skill, often weekly, with home exercises to master the skill.

Vision learned, so it is an active, growing process that can improve or change throughout our lives.  Like any developmental process, some people have learnt better than others, and visual performance varies between people.  Like other muscle and body systems, we are not stuck with what we have now, and we can learn to have different ways of seeing.

I have included some interesting web links below:

Stereo Sue is an interesting read on a woman who regained stereo vision (sharp eye teaming or binocular vision) as an adult.  She has given a TED talk.

The Australian College of Behavioural Optometry provides some patient stories on change after therapy, as well as a short article on what is VT.

Another TED talk by Cameran McCrodan, an optometrist who speaks about vision development and vision (and credit for the summary of vision on the left of this page).  Another summary of essential visual skills is listed here.

The COVD provides very interesting reading on visual plasticity here.  There is also the journey of an adult with convergence insufficiency who undertakes VT.

There are many, many groups on Facebook.  A very reputable one is maintained here.  Another reputable one which deals mainly with strabismus is maintained here.

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