Vision & Driving


To hold a driver licence you need to meet the central vision (eyesight test) and peripheral (side vision) requirements set by AusRoads


If you've received an RMS driver medical form, or you're just worried about your vision for the next time your licence is due,

we can help !


When booking your eye exam, let the staff know it's for a driving medical form, and we can sign the vision section before you take the rest of the form to your GP (note: some GP's are happy to sign the whole form themselves, so we can simply write a report on our findings for you to take to your GP).


Licence types:

PRIVATE refers to car, motorbike, light rigid trucks

COMMERCIAL refers to class MR and above including public passenger & hire car


Medicare provides a rebate for eye exams related to these forms for Private Licence classes only.  We'll provide a Tax Invoice for you otherwise.


See our web links page for the documents that apply to drivers.