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Need urgent eye care ?


Sometimes things go wrong and you just need to be seen today.  If you're worried about your eyes, phone our staff to describe your problem, and they will triage on the spot or speak to the optometrist and get back to you ASAP.  Depending on what's wrong, we'll probably dilate your pupils - so ideally bring a driver & sunglasses for the way home, or plan not to drive for a few hours till your vision recovers.  Of course, if it's after hours please be seen via the emergency department of the local hospital, and see us soon after.  Or Sydney Eye Hospital provides all emergency services 24/7.  Not sure ? Call !

foreign bodies in the eye
(or eye injury)

When something's in your eye, it just hurts.

Metal foreign bodies, grinding or gardening debris, dust, bugs.

We see foreign bodies the day we take the call.

sudden onset shadows, floaters, flashes

Suddenly, (and you're sure they weren't there yesterday), you have floaters or spots drifting around your vision in one eye.  Or what appears to be a spider or insect dangling in your side vision.  Or flashes of lightning in your side vision.  Or a curtain or shadow in your vision. You need your retina checked ASAP.

sudden onset distortion
or loss of vision

Remember the Amsler Grid that you were given at some point?

Or you thought something was funny, and on covering one eye you realised that your vision is wavy or crooked ?  Or you just lost vision in one eye or both eyes? Call today.

red eyes, conjunctivitis (especially kids in pain and contact lens wearers)

"A red eye deserves to be seen by a microscope"

- Dr Gerard Sutton, Corneal Ophthalmologist


One of my favourite eye quotes.  Don't guess what you need amongst the rows of drops at the pharmacist or supermarket - get a diagnosis and then get the right treatment.  We'll see you the day we take the call.

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