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Text message (SMS) service

We ask for your mobile phone number to provide text messages about your appointments, dispensing needs, or other reminders. We now have a dedicated SMS number, so from December 2014 you'll get your SMS from the same number every time.


Register as a New Patient

When you first join us a a patient, we will send a welcome text message, as well as a link to register your details before your first visit.

Confirm appointments

We confirm appointments electronically and send a text message (SMS) to your smart phone the day before.

If we need to contact you about your appointment, we can do this via text message without  the interuption of a phone call.

You can reply to us using a Yes or No or other message to confirm your appointment and this is automatically logged into our appointment book.


Dispensing of glasses & collection ready

We send a text message to let you know your glasses are ready, or your contact lenses have arrived, or other pertinent information.  You can reply to our messages and the staff will follow them up


Health fund reminders

We send text messages to remind you about end of financial year or end of annual year cut-off days for claiming.


Cancellation list

If you're on our cancellation list for a popular appointment slot time, SMS is the fastest way to contact you.  If you want to be on our cancellation list, contact us here.


Other practice related messages

Miscellaneous stuff



We will never sell, share or disclose your mobile phone number

Please let us know if you update your mobile number !


Please let us know if technology fails us and you get a truncated or strange text message,

and we'll try and fix it ASAP!

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