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MEDICARE 2012 - 2019


In 2012, Medicare rebates were frozen.

This included GP's, doctors, specialists, optometrists.

Health practices either saw more patients per hour, or required patients to only present one problem per visit or they stopped bulk-billing.

This was a cost-saving exercise for the Federal Government.

In 2013, the Medicare rebates were still frozen.

In 2014, the Medicare rebates remained frozen.

In late 2014, it was announced that the Medicare rebates would remain frozen until at least 2020.

In the Federal Budget 2014 / 2015 more cuts to Medicare were announced.


In January 2016 the Medicare patient rebate was lowered by a further 5%.



Our practice seeks to provide a high level of care to our patients.

We simply can't afford to do that, and bulk-bill everything.

We have settled for now on a mixed billing model.

We take a thorough medical and ocular history.

We will ask detailed questions about your eyes and vision.

We understand the Medicare item numbers, and will always seek to bill the correct item number to give you the correct rebate.



Medicare rebate will be $28.90, $57.70 or $62.35 depending on the condition.

If you have reached your safety limit for the year, this will increase to $34.00, $67.85 or $73.30 respectively.



Some health funds provide rebates for some non-covered procedures.  

We will list items on your receipt.

It's worth sending your receipt to your health fund to see what they will cover.

Health funds don't activate eye care claiming on the HICAPS system, like they do for eye wear, you'll have to do a manual claim to your health fund (via they app, online or by sending in your receipt).

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